200 ml

INGREDIENTS: thermal water, vegetable tenside, coconut tenside, vegetable glycerin, lactic acid, almond oil, xantham gum, benzil acohol ( cosgard), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera gel), exotic verbena essential oil


  • Toning
  • Refreshing
  • Ultra gentle cleansing


  • Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and minerals which help the skin heal faster.
  • Almond Oil is a powerful moisturizer, antioxidant with antifungal properties. Rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium and zinc.
  • Exotic Verbena essential oil oil  is used in aromatherapy to treat dermatitis, spots and acne; it is also used in the treatment of stress, high blood pressure and post natal depression.  Litsea is antiseptic, deodorant, sedative, digestive, anti-inflammatory and calming.
  • Thermal Water  is rich in mineral salts and CO2 and is recognized for its therapeutic and anti inflammatory properties.


A body wash that takes care even of the most sensitive skin, transforming the beauty ritual into a delightful aromatherapy session, with both body and mind taken care of. No compromises: natural cleansing agents in its composition, free from chemicals and other damaging ingredients, ensuringthat the skin maintains its own protective barrier against dehydration.

A 100% natural formula, designed to be very gentle and tears free, recommended for any type of skin, perfect for the face and the hair. Its efficient nourishing formula cleans in depth, leaving a light scent of lemony sweet freshness, specific to the unique Exotic Verbena.A favourite of Chinese emperors and commonly found in Ayurveda recipes, the Exotic Verbena was recognised for its antiseptic and invigorating properties long before the emergence of modern medicine.